Ingliz tili o'qituvchilari uchun - Kompetensiyalar

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An English Learning Competences.


1.  Communication competence – forming speaking skills in native a foreign language having culture speaking skills and ability to work cooperation and collective.


2.  Information competence – ability to find information about media resources, to process it, to keep and enable to use it. This information provides safety and to form media culture.


3. Competence of personal self – improvement ability of constant physical, spiritual, mental, intellectual, and creative self-development, and aspiration to perfection, constant development of cognitive ability skills of self –education, ability to evaluate one’s actions adequately and to make independent division.


4.  Competence of social and civil activity – ability to take part in events, taking place in society actively. To know and respect civil rights and responsibilities, have a legal communicative culture in labor and civil religious.


5.  National and general cultures competence – includes fidelity to motherland, devotion to universal human and nations traditions,  friendly attitude to nature, understanding Literature and works of art, observe the clothes, to follow normal health of life and education.

6.  Competence of math literal, to awareness about news of science and techniques, to ability to use them in our life – skill is personal, family, professional and economical plans, it is based on accuracy, ability to read differ diagrams, blueprint, models, ability to apply in practice the achievements of science and technology in the field of facilitation and improvement of human labor





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